Workshop: What you need to know about migrating to Windows 10 by January 2020

With the end of life for Windows 7 support looming (January 2020), many organisations are struggling to make the required progress with their Windows 10 journey.  For many, previous experiences of migrating from Windows XP to 7 and the extensive amount of information being taken onboard with Windows 10 are holding them back.

For those seeking information and guidance with their Windows 10 migration join PowerON on Wednesday 26th June at Malmaison Hotel, Manchester. PowerONs, experts in Windows 10 Migration will be providing a candid view of experiences by those moving to Windows 10 and the key items you “need” to address, with approaches and what your first aims should be for the benefits of making the move to Windows 10. This is geared to deliver pragmatic guidance and approaches you can leverage to successfully migrate your users to Windows 10 by January 2020 and get the most from your investment.

With limited spaces available, the workshop is ideal for IT Directors looking to migrate to Windows 10 and seeking the opportunity to discuss their challenges and concerns around a Windows 10 migration.


09.00 –  Welcome

09.45 –  Windows 10 – What are your potential issues? For example, Hardware, apps – identifying apps, order and structure to who can migrate and when.

10.15 – Structuring your Windows 10 transition programme with guidance.

10.45 –  What are the additional components for Windows 10 – Plans for additional Windows 10 features (Windows defender ATP, Always on VPN, PKI, MBAM)

11.15 – Modern Security

11.30 – Customer Testimonial

12.00 – Questions and Answers

12.30 – Close

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