Windows Phone Application GUID Finder – Free Tool

Windows Phone Application GUID Finder – Free Tool

The Windows Phone Application GUID Finder tool has been created to make your life as a Mobile Device Management Admin, Expert or Consultant easy when it comes to finding WP App GUIDs.

We noticed that since Microsoft changed it from simply being part of the Windows Store application URL, the process of finding application GUIDs was not a process people were familiar with while also being overly convoluted. Here at PowerON we spend a lot of time working with IOS management and since application Whitelisting was bought into the Apple Configurator and showed that you can simply search for an application and get the GUID, we wanted to make a very similar user experience in the Windows Phone World.

So now instead of going through a drawn out manual process just to get an application GUID for your Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile you can simply search the store using our application, find the app you want and retrieve the GUID back.

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15 Aug 2016

Windows Phone Application GUID Quick how to:

WP Application GUID Finder is very simple to use:

  • Run the GUIDFinder.exe and the application will load
  • You will be presented with an embedded webpage defaulted to the Windows App Store.
  • To get the GUID locate an application (either by browsing or searching the store within the app)
  • Once on the application you require Click OK and then GUID will show up in the Textbox at the bottom of the window.

And it really is just that simple!!

Run, Find, Click

For example: Getting the App GUID for the Company Portal Application

You can now copy that Application GUID and use it in, for example, your Application Whitelist

Please download and see how your life has just got easier.

Also, it would be great to hear your comments and any suggestions to make this application more useful.

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