Bring simplicity to your VDI solution with Windows 365

Bring an easy-to-use VDI solution into your environment without creating more work for your team.


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Using the wrong solution can cause problems

It’s important to get your VDI choice right to avoid the headaches and wasted money that comes with the wrong option.

Spending too much time with complex setup?

Using up too much of your team’s time will take away from critical projects.

End users struggling with other solutions?

A difficult to use solution harms productivity and will create need for laborious training sessions.

Concerned about the security of your data?

If sensitive data is compromised, it will spell disaster for your organisation.

Spend less time doing repetitive work you hate

Tired of spending time with complicated tasks when setting up a remote desktop? Windows 365 can be setup quickly and easily with just a few clicks.


Free yourself from the complex management of servers, networks and datacenters, this can all be managed by Microsoft so you can be sure all will be working without the stress of maintenance.


Better yet if you are managing your estate using Intune, you can manage Windows 365 the same way as you would any device, meaning no extra work.

Have peace of mind knowing your data is secure

If you’re worried that company data may be at risk, think again.


Keep valuable data locked down by easily maintaining your company’s security boundaries, privileges and controls. You can also prevent users from sharing files between their Windows 365 instance and their personal device.

Make your users lives easy

We’ve all been there… transitioning users to a new software or operating system can be confusing with interface changes or different functionality.


If you’re dreading long training sessions, there’s no need to worry. The user experience is the same as a physical device running Windows, so all your users will be up and running quickly.

Accessible from anywhere

Do you have a device with an internet connection? Great, that’s all you need to use Windows 365. With the cloud doing all the heavy lifting, any device will work.


If you have team members working remote or third-party contractors who need access to your data, Windows 365 may be a better choice than buying and shipping out a new device. Now these people can use their personal devices with a virtual desktop that works the same as a corporate device.

Still wondering if Windows 365 is the right choice?

We get it… with the plethora of virtual desktop solutions available it’s hard to tell which is the right choice.


Or are you liking the idea of Windows 365 but not sure how it will fit into your existing infrastructure?


That’s where we come in. Our team can help you find the best solution by talking with you or even setting up a proof of concept to see if it’s the right solution for your specific needs.

Ready to modernise your virtual desktop solution?

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If you’re interested in trying Windows 365 we have teamed up with Microsoft to give you a fully funded pilot.