Windows 365 Demo – Configuration

You might still be weighing up your options when it comes to Microsoft’s latest offerings… 

We’ve got Windows 10, 11, 365, Azure Virtual Desktop… and you might want a combination of all, some, or just one! So, I’ve made it my mission to help provide as much information as possible on each option.  

(Side note – if you’re still confused about which to choose, check out my blog Windows: What’s the Right Choice?) 

I’ve done some previous videos showing the look and feel of how you connect via the web browser or remote desktop client to Windows 365 (Microsoft’s cloud PC). So this time, let’s dive into some of the configuration behind it! 

In this 10-minute video I’ll take you through: 

  • Point-in-time restore service (1min 11s) 
  • Setting up a network for cloud PCs (2min 34s) 
  • Device images and custom OS images (4min 5s) 
  • Provisioning policies (4min 28s) 
  • Groups and assigning users (5min 43s) 
  • Rolling back to restore points (7min 58s) 
  • Run through of the reprovisioning process (9min 40s) 
Watch my video below!

If you have any questions about Windows 365, feel free to email us on and the team will help – or find me over on Twitter: @StevyBsc 

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