Windows: What’s the Right Choice?

With the release of Windows 11 recently I found myself pondering over the different access methods organisations now have for their end users when it comes to Windows.

There’s the traditional Windows on a physical device, but with the choice of Windows 10 or 11 now (well, until Win 10 Enterprise 21H2 goes EOL in 2025) in the mix.

We’ve got Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 from Microsoft to support BYOD or secure access from outside the organisation.

We’ve obviously also got the plethora of third-party options from VMware, Citrix etc. alongside the venerable Remote Desktop Services options if you’re still tied to on-premises.

Squiggly line representing a convoluted journey through the options of delivering Windows
So which is best? Which one should you choose?

All of them… maybe…

There is no straight forward one is better than the other answer I’m afraid. It’s also not about which one is more technically superior than the other either.

This much more a business and end-user productivity discussion and analysis.

Questions such as budget, ongoing maintenance, leveraging investment in current licensing, end-user ease of access, device types supported, usage scenarios (offline, low bandwidth etc), types of applications to run and integration with current security controls, are all types of questions that need to be asked.

It’s more than likely that a mix of the different options will be required in an environment.

As an example you may find laptops with Win10 (11 when you’re ready to move forwards) for FTEs with the need to roam, AVD for call centre scenarios or BYOD support, offering remote application delivery (not necessarily a full desktop…) or Windows 365 for developers or contractors…

Or you may find just Windows 11 laptops and MAM for BYOD works…

The short answer is: you need to consider all the options, and the pros and cons of each for your specific needs.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all the freedom Microsoft has handed to us lately, I’m running a short and sweet webinar next month that will help you navigate through the options available:

Define your Windows Journey for the Year Ahead

Watch our webinar - we run through the options and help you define your Windows strategy.

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