What’s Your Windows Journey for 2022?

After successfully migrating your entire organisation to Windows 10, the fun starts again!

Microsoft has surprised us all with a host of new releases, including Windows 11, Windows 365 and the recently renamed Azure Virtual desktop.

Things were easy in the good old days – we simply upgraded to the next version and congratulated ourselves on getting through the transition. 

Now IT teams are being given more control and choice than ever before – but with great power comes great responsibility! How on earth do we decide which path to take?

Map out your Windows Journey for 2022

This session will help you navigate the different options available from Microsoft and make the best choice for your 2022 strategy.

We discussed how to navigate the new landscape and what your next steps should be.

We cover:

  • Breaking down the options from Microsoft: Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 10/11
  • How to evaluate your options against your business strategy and needs
  • Cutting costs, streamlining processes and end-user productivity
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Webinar: Managing your Windows Solutions

Combine the latest solutions and toolsets to create a sustainable management approach for your business and users

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