What to Expect When You Apply to PowerON

Having been involved in recruitment in one way or another for longer than I dare to count, I’ve developed some really strong opinions about how it should be done. Or, really, how it shouldn’t be done.

Just to warn regular readers of the PowerON blog…this isn’t going to teach you anything about Windows deployments and updates, or IT strategy, or how to create a secure PKI solution. But if you’re interested in what it’s like to apply to work for us, and how you might get from your first application to being kitted out with your PowerON rucksack, mask and other goodies on your first day, read on!

Brilliant basics

As a starting point, we try and do the basics well. That means we advertise our roles on the website, we include salaries, and every candidate gets a response. It’s basic courtesy, right? You’ve taken the time to apply, we’ll take the time to reply, and to give meaningful feedback even if the answer is no.


As a general rule, you will have an initial 30-45 minute chat with the line manager, usually on a Teams call. This covers your experience, how it fits with the role you’ve applied for, and whether you can demonstrate behaviour that fits well with our values.

If that goes well – and again, we’ll let you know either way – we will invite you to a second interview, usually with the line manager and another colleague. This is likely to be via Teams again, although we hope to reintroduce face to face interviews where we can! Beforehand, we’ll ask you to complete two online assessments, which take about 50 minutes in total; these aren’t pass or fail, but rather help us shape questions for your second interview.

We’ll also usually ask you to prepare something for the interview, depending on the role you’re applying for. This might be a presentation, or response to a technical scenario, or a plan based on provided information.

Then, in the interview, you’ll deliver your presentation or response, followed by further interview questions based around the role responsibilities and requirements, and relevant technical skills.

Usually, that’s it – we’ll have gathered enough information to know if we think you’ll be a good fit for the role, and we hope to have given you enough information for you to decide if you want it!


At PowerON, we’re pretty decisive. We’ll come back to you within a day or two of a second interview to give you feedback, and to make an offer if you’ve been successful. If this makes you happy, we’ll send over a written offer for you to review and accept. Following this, you’ll provide us with some more details, we’ll agree a start date, and then we’ll get your contract out to you. It’s all electronic, so you won’t even need to walk to the post box.

During this period we’ll also have a background check on the go – nothing too ominous, just enough to be sure you are who you say you are, and we can trust you with our customers!

Day One

For your first day, we’ll have all your kit ready, including some nice PowerON goodies. There’ll be an induction plan for your first few weeks; you’ll meet some people; you’ll learn about your job, systems, and processes; and you’ll receive the obligatory stream of welcome gifs when we introduce you to the team. And that’s it – job done. Welcome to PowerON!

If you’re interested in viewing our current vacancies – or just feeling a little nosy – you can find out more about our team or visit our careers page below!
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