Vets Now | Azure Virtual Desktop

Who are Vets Now? 

Founded in 2001, Vets Now provide a round-the-clock emergency vet service in 60+ locations across the UK and via video consultation.  

What did they need? 

“We asked PowerON to provide a design for a service we haven’t used before: Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). They delivered a workshop, helping us gather the requirements and then producing a design on what we required. 

We’re a fast-paced business and always looking for the best tech we can find. We’re a relatively small team, and as a business we knew that we needed to support external staff and provide them with services quickly and easily. This is where AVD will come in! 

PowerON were able to provide a design document for a solution that we as a business need to get up and running fairly quickly. The short turnaround meant we didn’t have time to upskill our own staff to meet the deadline, so they provided the technical details needed to assess our environment and help us find the best fit.” 

People at PowerON 

“The PowerON team were able to provide the technical knowledge that we don’t have in house, so it was a great resource to be able to lean on. They provided the knowledge we were lacking and provided the right design for our situation needs.” 

“The PowerON team were really helpful – we actually had some technical issues and had to change the day of the workshop at short notice, but the team were great at accommodating this for us.” 

“Working with the PowerON delivery team has always been a positive experience, they’re very professional and it’s always a pleasure to work with them – Arran Lamb in particular knows a lot about a lot!” 

How do you feel about the experience? 

“I’d rate the experience with PowerON as a 10 out of 10 – it’s been highly successful. It’s a very useful working relationship we have, the ability for us to purchase credit in advance [for PowerON’s enablement support service] and use that across any technical situation we have is very useful and flexible. It means that PowerON ends up being an additional member of the Vets Now technological team. It takes a lot of the pressure of needing to know everything that’s out there off of us – the tech era is such a fast-paced industry that there’s a lot of changes to keep up with.” 

How would you describe PowerON? 

Positive, professional, and knowledgeable  

PowerON Team

PowerON Team

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