Tripadvisor | Windows 10 Upgrade

Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel platform, helps over 400 million travellers each month make every trip their best trip. Travelers across the globe use the Tripadvisor site and app, available in 49 markets and 28 languages.

Read on to find out how we worked with Tripadvisor to:

  • efficiently and confidently implement Windows 10 upgrades globally
  • create in-place upgrade task sequences to support the Windows 10 upgrade in 10 different languages
  • install a Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) for enhanced remote worker support globally

"The ability to turn around a request, get a team together and get working so quickly to meet our timescales which were wildly outside what anyone in the business would think to be realistic and to get the job done, was immensely impressive. And it didn’t feel rushed, the team knew exactly what to do and the support from technical through to communication and follow up has been superb.

The Problem

TripAdvisor realised they needed to implement a Windows 10 upgrade to make sure all applications, including business critical core applications, were supported. In order to make this process automated and as streamlined as possible, the existing Config Manager (Endpoint Manager) also needed upgrading. As TripAdvisor is a global organisation, it was crucial that their various offices and employees around the world were supported during this transition with minimal disruption to daily operations.

The Solution

We worked with the IT team at TripAdvisor to help them provision a new instance of Config Manager that allowed them to apply Windows 10 updates across the client device estate. PowerON consultants worked on-site with the IT teams at TripAdvisor to help install a new ConfigMgr, migrate clients and configuration to the new environment, and create in-place upgrade task sequences to support the Windows 10 upgrade in 10 different languages due to the global requirement. Alongside this, a Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) was also installed to allow for enhanced remote worker support and allow another option for task sequence deployment.  

"I’ve done a lot of these type of projects with other organisations and been very dissatisfied, this has been a wildly different experience and an example of how things could and should be done. If I’m honest I’ve been left standing."

The Benefits

As a result of the support from PowerON, the team at TripAdvisor were in a position to efficiently and confidently implement Windows 10 upgrades globally, which allowed for daily operations for employees across the globe to be unaffected by app patching and system upgrades. With the need for a solution being time-sensitive, the quick turnaround times and effective collaboration between both teams helped ensure that a successful solution was put in place, whilst ensuring the end user experience remained high.

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