Quick Wins for Remote Device Management

It’s not easy for IT teams right now…

Devices need to be constantly managed, updated and maintained, and trying to manage 10,000 endpoints from your kitchen table isn’t the easiest of tasks!

This webinar takes you through three key tactics that will help you manage devices more easily, no matter where in the world you’re logging in from.

Heinrich Pelser, Head of Pre-Sales, explains how you can use your existing technology (and where you could be missing a trick!) to make device management more effective and efficient. He also explains the pros and cons to different methods so you can make the best decision.

We cover:
  • Enterprise device management
  • Recommendations for:
    • Endpoint Manager
    • Cloud management gateways
    • Intune and Autopilot
  • Real-world examples of these quick wins in action
Watch below!

If you’d like to talk to us about the topics covered above, email us on info@poweronplatforms.com and we’ll pass these on to the presenter.

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