The PowerON Academy

It’s a well-known and accepted fact that the IT industry as a whole is experiencing a skills shortage.

Microsoft shared in 2020 that 69% of UK Leaders believe their organisation has a digital skills gap, and we’ve experienced this ourselves in our recruitment activities. The need for digital skills is growing and the skills in the market aren’t keeping pace with that growth. 


What are we doing about it? 


Since 2018 PowerON has been working with apprenticeship providers to run an apprenticeship programme, which has seen individuals develop from school leavers into qualified Service Engineers. It has been a really rewarding experience to see these team members grow in skills, confidence and capability during their time with us.  


As an organisation, learning and collaboration are intrinsically part of our culture, and we actively encourage our teams to take their dedicated training time. We provide the opportunity for staff to gain certifications relevant to their roles, and more importantly, relevant to the areas individuals personally want to develop in. 


What is the intent of the Academy? 


We’re combining our excellence in professional services delivery with the mindset and talent of the people who work for PowerON, to launch the PowerON Academy. The Academy will take the best of what we have learned so far to support the development of in-demand digital skills. 


The PowerON Academy is an exciting opportunity for people with the mindset to achieve, who are in the early days on their IT journey, to join a fast-paced organisation who work at the cutting edge of technology.  


Joining the Academy gives those who have an ambition to excel and strive to succeed an accelerated path to developing some of the most valuable skills in the industry. 


How will this benefit our customers? 


The Academy works to develop its members, so that we can continue to provide you with our excellent industry-leading professional services delivery. 


In a world where you need to keep your IT estate up to date and secure, and an ever-evolving technology landscape, the Academy ensures our team can grow and stay ahead of the curve on industry changes, ensuring we can continue to be your trusted partner.  


As a customer you can expect:


  • The same level of service and expertise that you have come to expect when working with us 
  • Academy team members shadowing our consultants on sessions with you 
  • Academy team members working with you, shadowed by one of our fully qualified consultants 
  • Whichever way the shadowing is delivered you will always have a consultant available on the session to ensure work is delivered as scoped and you have that consultant level knowledge you have paid us for 
  • The Academy programme is structured and assessment-led to ensure members are signed off by our experts prior to, attaining the level required to deliver work independently 

We’re really excited about embarking on this journey and we would be really keen to hear your feedback on your experiences of working with members of our Academy. 


As an organisation built on continuous improvement we seek feedback from each engagement we deliver and we will be building in a feedback loop specifically related to the Academy and your experience. As we proceed through this venture we would also really love to work with you on success stories and share these with our customer and partner networks.