The National Trust for Scotland

The National Trust for Scotland is a Scottish conservation organisation. The Trust owns and manages around 130 properties and 180,000 acres of land.

The Challenge

With its reputation dependent on its ability to deliver 24 x 7 IT services. The National Trust for Scotland following its deployment in their new state of the art data storage and VMware virtualisation environments. Worked with PowerON to design, deploy and Integrate their state of the art data protection solution to ensure its virtual servers, as well its data, are protected and continuously available from more than one location.

The Solution

PowerON designed and implemented an Arcserve Premium UDP solution for safeguarding 20TB of data across more than 50 virtual servers and more than 5 locations. Arcserve UDP provides Incremental forever backups, virtual standby servers and data replication provides The National Trust for Scotland with a nearly instantly updated offsite replica of all UDP protected data to their remote DR site from any remote location .By utilising Source and Global deduplication the network traffic is reduced by up to 97% Providing The National Trust for Scotland with a multi-layered approach to recovery management.

The Benefits

Thanks to PowerON’s expertise and Arcserve UDP, The National Trust for Scotland has reduced backup times from over 24hrs to 18 minutes. They can now quickly recover a server in the event of an incident. This helps to safeguard not only its data but also its reputation and the continuity of activities.

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