Introducing PowerON BI – ConfigMgr Current Branch Dashboard

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New design, more information and built with current branch in mind. When I think back to the very first version of the Power BI Dashboard I created, I see how far Power BI and Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) have come, and how the ConfigMgr dashboard has evolved with it. This exciting dashboard version is something entirely […]

Co-Management – Transitioning to modern management

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Co-Management – Transitioning to modern management in bite sized steps Co-management is a brand-new feature in the latest Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) 1710 which has been making big waves in the systems management world. (December 2017). There are gaps between traditional and modern management which pose major roadblocks for enterprises wanting to make the transition. Written […]

Announcing the PowerON BI ConfigMgr Dashboard 1611


The next installment of the Power BI Configuration Manager Dashboard is here! We’ve been busy making some changes to the successful 1.4 version which we brought out back in July. We’re now over 4000 downloads on the technet gallery and can’t believe the positive response from the community. With the ever progressing Power BI (BI) […]

Dashboard Reporting for Power BI and SCCM Explained

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I’ve recently joined the PowerOn Platforms team and been working with SCCM and Power BI to develop some reporting dashboards which I wanted to share. This blog displays some overview information for visually seeing a site’s SCCM configuration through Power BI. I’ve also developed some dashboards which can be found here. Client Overview This view […]

Announcing Power BI ConfigMgr Dashboard (1.4)

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Announcing Power BI ConfigMgr Dashboard (1.4) It’s been a busy couple of months for us on the Power BI front. Following the success of my Power BI SCCM Dashboard (see previous post), I’m pleased to announce version 1.4! This version is a little different though as its the first version with the PowerON brand and its […]

Windows Phone Application GUID Finder – Free Tool

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Windows Phone Application GUID Finder – Free Tool The Windows Phone Application GUID Finder tool has been created to make your life as a Mobile Device Management Admin, Expert or Consultant easy when it comes to finding WP App GUIDs. We noticed that since Microsoft changed it from simply being part of the Windows Store […]

Connector to OMS in ConfigMgr 1606 Release

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Connector to OMS in ConfigMgr 1606 Release Microsoft are adding features all the time these days and with the latest System Center Configuration Manager 1606 release one of these is a connector to Operations Management Suite (OMS). Official guidance for data syncing can easily be found on the Microsoft website. Written by on 01 Aug […]

Free Disk Space Requirements for ConfigMgr 1606 Upgrade

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FREE DISK SPACE REQUIREMENTS FOR CONFIGMGR 1606 UPGRADE Very quick blog post here to give everyone the heads up on the free disk space requirements for ConfigMGr 1606 upgrade.  When I was writing the blog post How to upgrade to ConfigMgr 1606, I ran the ConfigMgr 1606 upgrade prerequisites check thinking this will just go through […]

How to Upgrade to ConfigMgr 1606

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How to Upgrade to ConfigMgr 1606 Another exciting release if you are into Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) the second upgrade is now out.  We have already had 1602 and now we have 1606. If you’re already using Configuration Manager 1511 and above you will hopefully be aware of the new update and servicing […]