Enabling IaaS Encryption- How to configure VM Encryption

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This is the second blog within a 3-part series detailing my investigations on the current state of enabling Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Encryption functionality.  Details are accurate as of July 2018.   Throughout the series, I will explore the following articles: When to use Azure Virtual Machine (VM) Encryption and when to avoid it.  How […]


Risk First Innovation

RiskFirst realised that Azure was a suitable fit for the organisation. They were also able to align up and coming projects, as well as benefiting from recommendations and next steps for the setup and initial configuration of Azure.

Charles Taylor

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PowerON followed the Solution Alignment engagement model, a structured consulting and review approach to develop a Strategy and Enterprise Architecture. Allowing PowerON to determine the resulting migration and project strategy.



PowerON worked alongside CH&CO to assist with their transformation. PowerON set up the customer’s Hybrid Identity environment with Azure AD, supporting the Hybrid Migration of Emails & Azure Roadmap Planning and Proof of Concept.

Why it’s time for you to get serious with Azure AD

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Time to get serious with Azure AD For most people working with IT Infrastructure, Active Directory (AD) has been an essential part of supporting the business for many years. AD is the bedrock on which many end users, devices and services are built on. Over the last few years, Microsoft’s Cloud based Azure AD service […]

Hybrid APM using SCOM and Azure Application Insights

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Hybrid APM using SCOM and Azure Application Insights As an Operations Manager specialist for a number of years now, I have sat down with many IT teams and discussed the Servers and Infrastructure that they are responsible for, working out what needs to be monitored, what services they provide and how to monitor the applications […]

Co-Management – Transitioning to modern management

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Co-Management – Transitioning to modern management in bite sized steps Co-management is a brand-new feature in the latest Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) 1710 which has been making big waves in the systems management world. (December 2017). There are gaps between traditional and modern management which pose major roadblocks for enterprises wanting to make the transition. Written […]

Introducing Pulse DMS – The way to secure and manage devices online

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Introducing Pulse DMS – the new way to secure and manage devices online PowerON has previously discussed Windows Analytics and Windows Autopilot and how these tools help IT organisations get the most from Windows 10. This blog is going to introduce something new from PowerON, specifically aimed at device and security management for both end […]

On-Premise Virtual Machine for Azure Automation DSC

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On premise virtual machine for Azure Automation DSC Here at PowerONPlatforms, we decided to have a play with Azure Automation on the Microsoft Azure Portal. One of the cool features  is the ability to have an on-premise virtual machine as a DSC node. The following steps go through how to create a DSC node from […]

Does Your IT Teams Need to Use Windows Analytics?

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Does Your IT Team Need Windows Analytics? I’ve been working in the IT world for most of my adult life which is give or take a few decades. Having managed IT teams that were challenged with supporting desktop environments, Windows Analytics is a topic that is close to my heart. Not only does it provide […]