Windows 365 vs Azure Virtual Desktop: What’s the difference? 

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If you’re looking into adding a virtual desktop solution into your environment, you’ve likely come across Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). Both are virtual desktops offered by Microsoft that on the surface look very similar, so you may be asking: what’s the difference? In this blog we’ll take a look at each service […]

Vets Now | Azure Virtual Desktop

Who are Vets Now?  Founded in 2001, Vets Now provide a round-the-clock emergency vet service in 60+ locations across the UK and via video consultation.   What did they need?  “We asked PowerON to provide a design for a service we haven’t used before: Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). They delivered a workshop, helping us gather the […]

Managing your Windows Journey in 2022

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You’ve made your decision for 2022 – now how do you make it a reality? Whether it’s AVD, W365 or Windows 11, this next webinar will help you get your management approach right for the year ahead.

Reckitt | Azure Virtual Desktop

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Discover how we helped Reckitt test and launch Azure Virtual Desktop across their entire global IT estate in 60 countries for secure modern management.