Straight to User Provisioning

Straight-to-user provisioning is the principle of empowering organisations and IT departments with the tools to deliver devices – deployed, reset and repurposed – with a zero-touch experience for both IT and users, regardless of user/device location or network type.


Achieving this zero-touch model with Autopilot is subject to leveraging Windows 10, Intune (Mobile Device Management) and Azure Active Directory services. These technologies provide the shift from traditional manual methodology via IT administration controls, or a hands-on approach, to a much quicker and less disruptive process for all parties when provision new user devices.

Key features

Enhanced security

Always On VPN

Stateless applications and data

Best virtualised end user experience

What's involved?

Autopilot can be leverage across a range of modes to support your entire organisations device and user types, including:


New Devices: User Driven Mode – allowing Windows 10 users to transform their new device, from factory state to corporate ready to go, with several easy steps and their organisation email address and password.


In Place Devices: Self-deployed Mode – for your kiosks, digital signs or shared devices, not tied to a specific user identity. Delivered with zero touch if ethernet connected or light touch via WiFi connection. Great for non-user owned or controlled devices.


Existing Devices & Windows 10 Upgrades – Autopilot can also enable you to easily deploy the latest version of Windows 10 to existing devices, while automatically installing the necessary apps and synchronises work profiles. All with limited down time and disruption.


This combination of light and zero touch provisioning services for users and in place devices, supports the evolving workplace with mobile workers, home workers, distributed offices, devices and evolving use cases for devices. Stay in control of your device provisioning, while reducing disruption and delays to device and users enablement.


Read more about the technologies we use alongside this:

What are the benefits?

This fantastic functionality is great for general device provisioning and updating, but especially beneficial for those unforeseen circumstances such as lost or broken devices across remote and home-working staff. Simply order a new device via IT or the user and away they go, the same or next day.


Provisioning devices remotely, without IT hands-on requirements, straight to the end user, provides a solution to a time and resource heavy process for the IT team.


Significantly reducing timelines and effort for getting an appropriately configured new devices or updates to your remote workforce.


Benefits include:

  • Confidence that you are providing the best in class experience for your users

  • Confidence that you are providing the best in class experience for your users

  • Applications and data are setup independent of device or location

  • One service supports desktop and remote app experience - simplified service management

  • A confident approach to addressing security for your corporate services

Why PowerON?

PowerON have a long-standing history across the Endpoint Management and provisioning space, supporting clients for years across their Windows, Image build and design, application readiness, user security controls, IT management tools (SCCM & Intune) and policy configurations. Leaving us expertly positioned to support with Autopilot, as the latest iteration in remote modern device, user-based provisioning.

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