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Stena Group

A Cohesive Active Directory

Who Are Stena

Stena Group is a global organisation of companies with business activities all over the world. Stena were looking to consolidate their Active Directory into a cohesive structure and embarked on a design workshop with PowerON. During the Active Design Workshop Stena established how to achieve a unified Active Directory (AD) Platform across Stena Group today and into the future

Stena was established in 1939 and has since developed into an international group of companies with business activities all over the world. Activities today are spread over several areas: ferry routes, shipping, offshore drilling, property, finance plus recycling, environmental services and trade.

The Challenge

Stena Group were looking to consolidate their Active Directory (AD) into a cohesive new structure. With a complex business model and three separate business and IT departments spread across multiple forests they were struggling to find a partner who could support and offer guidance through the critical design phase.


PowerON delivered an AD Design Workshop and identified not only potential gaps but a solution for creating a new, cohesive, single environment.
Leading IT staff across all divisions of Stena Group met for a 2-day onsite workshop in Northern Marine HQ, Glasgow to develop the design and capture their findings.

AD Design and Workshop Outcomes

PowerON’s AD Design Workshop reviewed Stena’s AD design principles, its current AD Structure and Management. Furthermore, PowerON worked with Stena to develop an AD Strategy supported with a SWOT and GAP Analysis of AD implementation options and a high level plan to help visualise how the implementation could take place. At a design level both Stena and PowerON believed a workable solution could be achieved.

Think Local, Act Global

Historically Stena believed a unified IT environment could potentially impact day to day business and IT operations as well as provide compliancy complications. PowerON’s AD Design Workshop provided the vision to help understand how new technologies can help design flexible solutions to fit their business needs. Traditionally working as three separate IT departments, the collaboration demands of the workshop highlighted that teamwork was essential when understanding global requirements. The motto “Think Global, Act Local” underpinned the design workshop and future way of working.
Through the step by step procedure of the workshop, Stena Group reviewed their key Active Directory estate, developed design principles, agreed on standards and identified processes that act as a catalyst for driving change at all levels of the business.


The workshop uncovered the real value of a cohesive AD environment, standardising common IT services, adopting newer technologies and having a global design mindset can provide Stena Group with the foundations of growth for their business.
Business needs such as customer federations, mergers, acquisitions and business divesture projects can be achieved much easier, quicker and per business department. The chosen solution by Stena Group has allowed readiness and flexibility to integrate IT services through the latest technologies as well as enabling a standardised global support environment and business continuity.

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