Starters, Leavers and Movers

PowerON’s Starters, Leavers and Movers (SLAM) Service provides organisations with a streamlined management process for user onboarding and ongoing role movements within the business.

Our Starters, Leavers and Movers (SLAM) service provides organisations with a streamlined management process for user on-boarding and ongoing role movements within the business.


One of the top starting points for organisations looking to adopt automation into business processes is to examine the ways of improving their internal SLAM processes. We have been supporting customers with this approach for many years typically leveraging Service Desk Orchestration integrations to drive these enhancements.


Microsoft’s recent developments in improving and broadening their automation solutions means organisations and users have never been in a better position to use these services. Taking advantage of O365 tools such as Power Automate and Azure services, such as Logic Apps, means organisations can engage on delivering a SLAM process to fit your needs.

Key features

Automated SLAM processes

Tailored solutions

Ongoing support and knowledge

Partner with the experts

What's involved?

The PowerON consulting team will work with you to understand your requirements, help map your process requirements, and align these to the appropriate technical solution.


Our consultants will work with you to:

  • Map and understand your service requirements
  • Develop process, procedures and technical integration requirements
  • Setup and Configure Automation Solutions to deliver against requirements
  • Provide Operational Knowledge Transfer and ongoing support

What are the benefits?

  • Streamlined management processes and on-boarding to save time and reduce overheads

  • Reduced HR overheads

  • Reduced service desk costs

  • Ensure compliance to business processes

  • Improve the user experience

  • Reduce readiness time with taking on new users

  • Reduce service desk overheads for supporting user management

Why PowerON?

Automation is at PowerON’s Core! From the outset PowerON has been leveraging automation skills and approaches to deliver innovation, enhancing operational processes and improving the service experience. Having worked with Orchestrator in the early days and having deep experience in modern tooling’s across Logic Apps, Power Automate and PowerShell, PowerON is well equipped to support customers across a wide range of customer use cases.

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