Solution Alignment Workshop

IT and technology can future proof your business, creating agility and security, however these investments can be high risk if the wrong approach is used.


You’ve already invested time in identifying the business challenges, so now it’s time to make sure you’re choosing the right solution. It’s vital to ensure that your organisation will see return from these investments; our industry experts have years of hands-on experience helping businesses do exactly that.


We run comprehensive solution alignment workshops with public and private sector organisations to help them align their IT strategies with their overarching strategic business goals.


Our experts help you identify the best technology and processes to solve business challenges and support your team now and in the future.

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Deliver strategic goals

Build your technology blueprint

Strategically identify the best-suited solution for your organisation


Our solution alignment workshops help you consider all possible options, exploring the technical, financial, and business benefits of each one, and strategically identifying the best-suited solution for the business.


​We work to assess your organisation, processes and current technology to ensure your business needs are central to any technology or IT investment, laying the groundwork for your team to start work (or continuing the journey together, if that’s what you prefer).


Investing the time in planning and assessing all options available to you now will massively reduce the risk of investing time and money in the wrong technology.


We assess which technologies your organisation already has access to through existing licensing so you save costs, whilst helping you increase your understanding of each technology solution. We also work with you to upskill team members on implementing your chosen solutions.

Our aim is to become your experienced, trusted partner, here to advise you and enable you to follow best practice moving forward with our continued support and expertise.

What's involved?

Our solution alignment creates the blueprints for your IT department to deliver business goals.


Following comprehensive data gathering and business analysis, we work with you to deliver a concise 5-7 day engagement designed to appraise, analyse and agree next steps, creating a cost-effective tailored IT strategy.


We deliver recommendations and project outlines that empower your team to implement real change and generate ROI aligned with business strategy.


Our solution alignment workshop is perfect for organisations struggling with:

  • Defining Business Requirements
  • Utilisation of existing IT investments and how they meet current needs
  • Gap analysis
  • Define vision and IT Strategy
  • Cost and Licensing requirements and analysis
  • Short, medium and long term objectives

Deliver strategic goals

Build your technology blueprint

Strategically identify the best-suited solution for your organisation

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