Solution Alignment Workshop

We help you align business and technical needs to make your projects a success. Whether you’re solving IT problems or taking on a digital transformation project, a solution alignment workshop can make it happen. 

Getting your projects off the ground can be difficult.

The business needs one thing, IT needs another. Different departments have different goals, and it can be hard to align what’s possible with what’s realistic.

We deliver solution alignment workshops that help you join the dots between business goals and technical solutions.


Creating the blueprint for your IT department to deliver business goals.


And if we can’t deliver the right solution for your needs, we’ll tell you – even if it means you go elsewhere. We’re focused on providing you with value, not making sales. 

Benefits overview

  • Get more value from existing IT and technology investments 
  • Align business strategy with technical solutions for maximum ROI 
  • Support business growth and project success whilst removing risk and reducing costs 
  • Future proof departments by upskilling your existing teams 
  • Benefit from analysis and expertise to help you see the bigger picture 

What's Involved

We deliver clear recommendations and project roadmaps to help you drive change and generate ROI. 


We work with you to understand your business needs and review technical requirements so you can achieve your goals. This could look like: 


  • Business cases 
  • GAP analysis  
  • Technical capabilities vs future state requirements 
  • Current licensing and cost analysis 
  • Project roadmaps 
  • Project resource requirements and skills requirements 
  • IT and technology strategies 


We work with you to provide the right documentation and knowledge transfer so you can begin work in-house – or partner with us for project delivery. 


We also assess which technologies your organisation already has access to through existing licensing, so you save costs. We help you increase your understanding of available solutions and work with you to upskill team members so you can increase internal knowledge. 

“As a team, we were already working on how to deliver on our Digital Workplace strategy when COVID-19 hit and, like many organisations, we realised that we needed to turbo charge our ambitions in this area. From day one of working with PowerON, it was clear we were speaking to experts with extensive experience in developing, designing and deploying the Microsoft Modern Management approach.

What are the benefits?

We help you break down the journey to achieving your goals with clear documentation and unbiased advice – if we can’t provide the solution, we’ll recommend someone who can. 

Opportunity to take a step back and see the bigger picture when it comes to projects – how does this impact the business, how can different teams work together effectively to achieve shared goals. 

We work with you to understand your current technologies and how they’re being used. We then align this against your business goals and projects to identify where existing tools aren’t being used effectively. 

A PowerON Solution Alignment takes all the moving parts of your IT environment and strategy, as well as user and business needs and maps them into a connected framework for success. 

We take a pragmatic approach, aligning your business’ needs, budget requirements and technical needs to create a framework that suits you.