Solutions Alignment Workshop

Align the right technology solution first time

A unique approach

Whether the desired technology is Windows 10, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Office 365 or Azure Infrastructure, PowerON helps customers ensure that the technology is correctly aligned to their needs. By assessing a customers current environment and working with stakeholders to envision the future environment, PowerON can help identify gaps, capture issues, review capabilities and define the next steps for moving forward.

What's Involved

Taking up to seven days, with 2 of those days onsite, the solution alignment workshop reviews Microsoft technology, delivers demonstrations and collects information about technology alignment and suitability. In some cases, additional days may be required to setup tools and analyse data. The remaining days are used to create the required documentation.

When to do it

PowerON recommends a Solution Alignment Workshop to be delivered prior to any project commencing or licences purchased. This will allow customers to achieve an accurate cost analysis or business case. However, if licences have already been purchased the workshop can support the development of a deployment plan, help understand key issues and plan key tasks.

Workshop Benefits

The workshop identifies all the elements required to deliver a successful and effective solution; ideal approach, timelines, work involved, key challenges to internal skills, technology requirements, upgrades and costs.

in safe hands

An experienced senior consultant will deliver the workshop onsite with the chosen customer team members.

Exploring Every Avenue

During the workshop PowerON will discuss and explore new and unique solutions that meet the organisations requirements and business needs. This ensures all possibilities are considered and understood.

The Perfect Fit

The workshop helps customers and relevant teams understand the elements required for a solution and aligns it to a plan. This helps to avoid missed pre-requisites, duplication, over-running and unforeseen additional work.

Something for Everyone

The solution alignment workshop has been designed to fit most organisations, any budget, any sector and project size.

Why PowerON

The Solution Alignment Workshop is unique to PowerON. As a trusted partner dedicated to helping customers achieve their goals, the workshop is designed to help customers map a plan before investing into a project.

Next Steps

Upon completion of the workshop, customers will have a clear outline of the elements required to achieve their objectives. Furthermore, a blueprint will provide a business case justification, strategic reasoning, approach undertaken and key tasks needed.

PowerON Customers

City of Wolverhampton Council 150 x 150-min
Stena 150 x 150-min
PPDG 150 x 150-min
National Trust of Scotland
University-Of-Cambridge 150 x 150
royal-opera-house-150-x-150–compressor (1)
Brunswick-150-x-150–compressor (1)
villa-plus-150-x-150-compressor (1)
Keoghs-150-x-150–compressor (1)
shoosmiths-150-x-150-compressor (1)
Bloor-homes-150-x-150-compressor (1)
Uni-of-Hertfordshire-150-x-150-compressor (1)
Bromford-150-x-150–compressor (1)
Churchill-150-x-150-compressor (1) (1)
ESRI 150 x 150

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