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A unique offering

PowerON’s Managed Pilot manages the complexity of a migration and delivers a process to deliver the primary essence of what is required to achieve a successful outcome. The service ensures IT teams have a standardised procedure supported by the functional tooling’s and assets that can be rolled out at scale across the entirety of your organisation. This supports your business engagement with the confidence that the necessary planning and readiness has been completed.

Customer Best Fit

PowerON’s Managed Pilot is ideal for customers who either are intending on leveraging internal teams for the broader rollout, or are looking to get to the point where they have a defined validation of the process and tools to deliver the organisations change. The key objective of the Managed Pilot is to provide customers the support to complete effective planning, functional readiness and validation of the process that will be used to migrate the estate.

What's Involved

PowerON takes care of three critical elements; Awareness, knowledge and resourcing. This involves working through the discovery and alignment of the solution, putting the necessary functional component parts in place, then validating the procedure and process required for rollout. An initial pilot and standard operational documentation are provided allowing a customer to move forward.

open minded

PowerON has years of experience delivering migration projects across organisations of all sizes. As a result, PowerON has designed a range of toolsets to reduce migration times and ensure confidence in delivering a successful migration.

Specialist Tools

PowerON has developed a range of specialist tools and processes to expediate how quickly applications can be packaged. Furthermore, PowerON has a standardised set of user communications and e-learning materials to ensure a secure and compliant build can be aligned to a customer’s organisation.

Successful migration

A Managed Pilot eliminates the challenges typically around applications, devices and users by rationalizing the information collated. PowerON’s toolsets allow potentially laborious and heavy intense workload pieces to be handled quickly and effectively.

Why PowerON

PowerON can bring organisations a level of awareness and scaling capability that will significantly accelerate internal delivery of projects. Organisations can have the confidence that projects are delivered in a more efficient way, being more commercially effective, reducing complexity and enables your teams to better manage costs.

PowerON Customers

City of Wolverhampton Council 150 x 150-min
Stena 150 x 150-min
PPDG 150 x 150-min
National Trust of Scotland
University-Of-Cambridge 150 x 150
royal-opera-house-150-x-150–compressor (1)
Brunswick-150-x-150–compressor (1)
villa-plus-150-x-150-compressor (1)
Keoghs-150-x-150–compressor (1)
shoosmiths-150-x-150-compressor (1)
Bloor-homes-150-x-150-compressor (1)
Uni-of-Hertfordshire-150-x-150-compressor (1)
Bromford-150-x-150–compressor (1)
Churchill-150-x-150-compressor (1) (1)
ESRI 150 x 150

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