Security, Identity and Access

Over the last couple of years we have seen a significant shift in IT security from traditional firewalls, encryption and device hacks to security identity. The weakest link is no longer the device itself or the network, but the individual.


Employees are now commonly recognised by many organisations as the weakest 'security point' due to where and how they work (using public WiFi networks, multiple devices etc.)


As a result security identity, access management and technology plans are key when locking down your primary source of weakness; the individual.


You can't always be certain the user logging into your network, apps or devices is the right person - this is where traditional security solutions (Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management and firewalls) can be supplemented with extra measures to protect your organisation from unnecessary risk.

Mobile App Protection

Content Protection

Assured Recovery Backup Service

Always On VPN

Single Sign-On

Conditional Access

Why PowerON?

PowerON is a Microsoft Gold and EM+S Elite partner with extensive experience in desktop, device and management tools, and services, across the Microsoft Suites. As devices, applications and working styles adapt, the modern workforce is becoming increasingly mobile, fast moving and flexible.


As such, PowerON focuses heavily on supporting our customers with a strong Management and Security posture across the user and identity space. Allowing PowerON to bridge the gap of desktops, devices and applications with users controls and security.

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