Free Disk Space Requirements for ConfigMgr 1606 Upgrade


Very quick blog post here to give everyone the heads up on the free disk space requirements for ConfigMGr 1606 upgrade.  When I was writing the blog post How to upgrade to ConfigMgr 1606, I ran the ConfigMgr 1606 upgrade prerequisites check thinking this will just go through the motions and give me the result the prerequisites check has passed, and I can go on to writing the next section on how to install the update pack.

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26 Jul 2016

However, this was not the case it came back with prerequisites test failed to my surprise.  After looking in Monitoring > Updates and Servicing Status, everything has passed apart from Disk Space.  However here it did not give me the information I needed on how much disk space is indeed required and it is also not on the Technet ConfigMgr pre-upgrade checklist.  I did find the answer I was looking for though within C:ConfigMgrPreReq.log, the site server computer must have at least 15gb free space on the drive your have ConfigMgr installed.

Hope this helps save someone some time and not running the prerequisites check only to find they do not have enough disk space and have to run everything all over again.


Harry Lowton

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