On-Demand: Remote Desktop Solutions Q&A

Our team are running a series of informal Q&A sessions to help reduce the business impact of COVID-19 for our customers and the wider IT community.

In this session we explore Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and remote desktop options.

Our MD Philip Mercer and CTO Steve Beaumont take you through WVD capabilities, options and considerations, the add-on capabilities around application publishing, and leveraging Azure services to support.

We provide an overview of the technologies and how customers are using them before opening out into an hour of Q&A – see the timestamps below to skip ahead to specific questions.

Watch the webinar below

Q&A Timings:


Q: To link back to onsite servers(file/SQL) would we need Express Route?


Q: When you were showing the orchestrator app now what kind of connection are we working on for that Orchestra rap being presented? And then generally what would be the thought process around express route necessity when starting to work with wwbd?


Q: You mentioned FS logic file storage. Are you using as your files or NetApp files?


Q: We are looking to upgrade our RDS environment onto RDS2019. How do find 365 apps performance on RDS with the new FXlogix profiles?


Q: Any guidance on VM sizing when dealing with office365 and teams Etc. 


Q: How do you control the gold image / build of installed applicatiosn and future patching of OS and applications?

Q:Want to move a few LOB apps from on-prem to Azure but they are all Windows client dependent not web-based. Best way to do this?


Q: Computer users in our organisation usually use more that one screen for their desktop. Can you open up multiple instances of web virtual desktop on differing screen and does this impact performance or licencing?


Q: Have you run into issues with the FSLogix file containers reaching max size? I understand there are ways to cap it, once it reaches that max or capped size are there are utilities to prune or maintain it?

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