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Government and local authorities are facing increased pressure from stakeholders, budget limitations and the ever-present threat of security breaches – putting pressure on the core goal of high quality service delivery to citizens and end-users.
We’ve worked in partnership with the public sector for many years and understand the unique challenges faced by local and central government organisations.
Combining our extensive experience robust digital transformation, device management and security, we help organisations drive robust security best practices, impactful digitalisation strategies and meaningful change within IT.
Enabling local and central government organisations to deliver trusted and secure services to end-users in the community.

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Our Protect, Detect, Respond framework brings our strategic security experience together with our public sector knowledge to create an approach to the modern workplace that empowers teams to enable digital transformation across their organisation.

If you have questions on how our solutions could align to your digital strategy in 2022, our Public Sector Consultant Mark Behar can help.

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How to get started

Our framework allows us to map out the steps needed to create a secure, modern workplace whilst tailoring the process to your organisation’s unique needs and goals.

We recommend that councils and local authorities concerned about the rise in ransomware and security breaches start with our Protect, Detect, Respond Workshop, so they can begin immediately reducing risk within their organisation.
Our complimentary workshops are available stand-alone or as a series, depending on your requirements and goals, to support your first step in the journey to digital transformation:

Qualification criteria

For each of the workshops please see the following qualification criteria:

  • We offer these workshops to organisations with IT HQ based in UK or EU
  • These workshops are designed for organisations of approx. 500 seats and above, and best attended by IT Management or Stakeholders, and the EUC/Infrastructure/Operations Leads.
  • These workshops are only relevant for organisations with M365/EMS E3/E5 investments in place or who are looking to purchase any of these licenses.

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