Disaster Recovery: Protecting Your M365 Data

Data resilience – not a very glamorous phrase, but an important one. 


M365 can store terabytes of data – from customer records to employee personal details, to emails and internal documentation.  


How resilient is your data? 


Your business needs to be resilient in today’s climate – and that includes your data. 


Data loss and outages are costly events dramatically impacting businesses across the UK each day.  


Whether it’s ransomware attacks, service outage or simple user error, the outcome is the same: loss of customers, services or income. 


Philip Mercer and Ricky Patel run through key actions to protect your M365 data, including: 

  • Microsoft and Office 365: Key actions to protect your data. 
  • Data protection: realistic overview of implementation times, costs and recovery speed. 
  • Balancing risk vs budget in disaster recovery planning. 
Philip Mercer

Philip Mercer


“Technical but not the techy” with over 17 years' experience in IT and technology. A Microsoft technologies expert and passionate about creating solutions that align business needs with IT requirements.

Ricky Patel

Ricky Patel

Pre-sales Lead

Ricky Patel is the Pre-Sales Lead at PowerON, working with clients on short and long term goals to achieve and align with both clients business and technical strategies 

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