Kamino ConfigMgr

What would take months, can be done in weeks

Enterprise class implementation of ConfigMgr

Kamino is PowerONs automated deployment platform designed to facilitate the way System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is deployed. With Kamino’s foundations built heavily in Azure, Kamino utilises the power of automation to deliver products directly to customer environments completely online.


Why Deploy with Kamino?

Kamino removes the complexity involved with implementing System Center products through repeatable automation steps. What would traditionally take months, can be done in weeks.

Fully Customisable

Depending on a customer’s need, additional customisable extensions can be added to the standard package to meet organisations specification requirements. This can include Third Party Integrations such as patching and training.

Cost Savings

PowerON Kamino cuts the cost of SCCM deployment by one-third when compared to traditional SCCM deployments.


Organisations can hugely benefit from Kamino by not only reducing deployment timelines and overheads but also by decreasing risk. IT Teams also receive knowledge directly from consultants to ensure tools are being utilised to their full potential.

Do i need Microsoft Licences?

As a standard the service is provided without the associated Microsoft licensing, as many customers will normally have licensing coverage via traditional Core CALs, System Center CALs or for those with newer Microsoft Cloud, Intune, Enterprise Mobility or M365. PowerON can provide the service with the addition of the necessary Microsoft Licensing or advise on how to acquire.

Continuous Support

Following the deployment of Kamino, PowerON offers ongoing enablement support to ensure customers realise the optimum value from their investment. This consists of problem resolution, remote enhancement support and knowledge transfer.

Best Fit Customer

Kamino is ideal for organisations looking to manage infrastructures of 500 seats upwards, require enterprise class management, application delivery & installation of System Center Configuration Manager.

Why PowerON?

There is no other partner that has the same offering! PowerON has some of the best System Center consultants (and even written the book on it) and designs products beyond a base level. By continually applying learnt product knowledge and additional driver packages and collections into Kamino customers can get up and running with SCCM in a fraction of the time.

Next Steps

Whether an organisation is hearing about Kamino for the first time or has realised a need for the product, contact the PowerON team and discuss how Kamino can maximise deployments.

PowerON Customers

City of Wolverhampton Council 150 x 150-min
Stena 150 x 150-min
PPDG 150 x 150-min
National Trust of Scotland
University-Of-Cambridge 150 x 150
royal-opera-house-150-x-150–compressor (1)
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ESRI 150 x 150

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