PowerON revolutionises how System Center is deployed

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Always at the forefront of innovation, PowerON has announced that it is set to revolutionise how System Center is traditionally deployed.

Aware that IT Professionals are regularly under pressure from the requirement to deliver multiple projects in short timescales, PowerON sought a specific solution for System Center.  Using their extensive knowledge from numerous onsite deployments and complete understanding of a customers’ requirements, PowerON Kamino was born.

PowerON Kamino empowers IT Professionals with the ability to deploy System Center 100% online! This cuts the cost of deployment by one-third, through the use of a fully automated solution. And importantly, PowerON customer’s can now completely self-service their own System Center deployment without needing to engage with a consultant.

Once deployed, System Center enables simplification of the IT platform and environment. By using PowerON Kamino to deploy, every System Center implementation becomes simplicity itself.

Commenting on this new initiative Philip Mercer said “We were aware of the time constraints on IT Specialists and the necessity to juggle conflicting business needs. PowerON Kamino puts them in control, enabling them to manage a key IT project within their own timeframe. Yet it still provides the tools and support required to implement System Center effectively”.

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