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As the business grows, it is important to understand the culture and values which are important, and have taken the time to analyse the current culture. PowerON is constantly striving to improve, but are proud of what has been achieved so far. These are the cultural aspects which came up repeatedly, that will follow PowerON into the future.


There is also a set of values which form the way the team works. These help to deliver the best possible outcome for customers and are incorporated into everything that is done – for example, into recruitment and appraisals, and end-of-year awards. When recruiting, the team looks for people who will enjoy working to these values, and will thrive in the culture they create.


By working together engagements are delivered to the highest standard & demonstrates the pride in work through taking personal responsibility for the quality of the service and work delivered or sent.


PowerON thrive on achieving ambitious goals through hard work & determination. Contributions from colleagues is recognised & aim to make PowerON the best company the team has ever worked for.


PowerON is accountable for our own action and seek to solve, not blame; using our imagination to best effect, take pride in innovations & ensure on-time delivery.


Clear communication & expectations between customers & colleagues are paramount; tasks to be completed, by whom & when, and completion acknowledgement is set from the beginning.


The team strives to continue individual development. Learning from our own & others’ experiences & share knowledge with customers & colleagues.


PowerON go out of the way to help each other, appreciate others’ perspectives & provide support to guarantee a well-organised team.

What's Next?

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“PowerON is committed to being flexible with your needs and requirements. Our objective is to work with our customers in partnership, to define the right solution for your needs and support you to deliver this successfully to your business. Our capability to provide our customers with specialist product solutions and deep technical expertise on focused areas is a key differentiation in today’s market.”
Philip Mercer
Managing Director

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