Creating a Read-only Account for the Arcserve SQL Database

Since the PowerON Protect report gathers information from the Arcserve SQL database, we recommend creating an account that will only have Read capabilities to the database.

Firstly, create a dedicated account either in Active Directory if your Arcserve deployment is domain joined, or a local account on the server if it is in a standalone Workgroup configuration.

Once you have the account details, open SQL Management Studio using the administrative account that was used for the Arcserve installation.

Connect to the Arcserve SQL Instance

Expand Databases > arcserveUDP > Security

Right click on Users and select New User…

Drop the selection for User type: down and select Windows user

Click the ellipsis button and find the user account setup to be used for the Read-only database access.

Select the Membership page and tick the option for db_datareader then click OK

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