Onboard the Arcserve UDP server to Azure Monitor

To gain server performance insights, PowerON leverages Azure Monitor to retrieve various performance metrics. On-premises servers can be onboarded via Azure Arc while Azure based VMs can be directly onboarded.

Installing Azure Arc for an on-premises server

You only need to follow these steps if your Arcserve server isn’t already hosted in Azure.

Server Prerequisites

Please ensure the server you will install the Azure Arc agent on has the following installed:

Azure Prerequisites

Azure Subscription

An Azure subscription is required to store performance metrics related to the Arcserve server. This can be a Pay-as-you-Go, EA or CSP based subscription, but you will require appropriate permissions to:

  • Create a Resource Group
  • Register Resource Providers
  • Add Azure Arc objects
  • Create Log Analytics Workspaces
  • Register servers with Azure Defender for Cloud (If using the MDE Report)

Resource Group

Create a resource group that will store the Azure Arc object for your Arcserve server.

The following Microsoft Documentation can assist with this:



Resource Providers

Ensure your Azure subscription has the following resource providers enabled:

  • HybridCompute
  • GuestConfiguration
  • HybridConnectivity
This can be achieved via the Azure Portal, the following Microsoft documentation can assist with this:


Alternatively, the following PowerShell can be used to enable them:

Set-AzContext -SubscriptionId [subscription you want to onboard]
Register-AzResourceProvider -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.HybridCompute
Register-AzResourceProvider -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.GuestConfiguration
Register-AzResourceProvider -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.HybridConnectivity

Connecting to Azure

There are two main methods to connect an on-premises server to Azure via Azure Arc; either by generating a deployment script via the portal, or via PowerShell.

Follow the instructions that best suit your needs and specify the Resource Group created in the pre-requisites stage.

Onboarding to Azure Monitor

Onboarding into Azure Monitor for VM insights is a quick task via the Azure portal which will deploy the required agents to the server and configure them appropriately.

Follow the instructions found here to enable VM insights for the Arcserve server.


Gather information for later configuration

After configuration of the above Azure steps, make a note of the following information from the Azure portal that will be required later.

  • Subscription ID
  • Resource Group Name
  • Azure Arc Server Name
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