OMS operations management suite intro

OMS – Operations Management Suite Intro

This is the start of my blogging journey (first blog ever! Not just at PowerON) and as I’ve recently been learning about Operations Management Suite (OMS), I have taken a particular interest in the Solutions that are contained in OMS and decided to write a short post on a couple of the solutions available.

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19 Feb 2016

What is OMS?

So by now, I bet you’re all wondering, what is OMS?

OMS is a Suite of Components used to Manage and Monitor your Data Centres, today we will be covering the Operational Insights Component of OMS.

Operational Insights, is a layer of management and monitoring that sits on top of your data centres of which your data centres can be hosted in your private cloud or even in the public Cloud such as Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), it really doesn’t matter! OMS collects information about your data centres and consolidates and interprets the information in valuable and insightful ways. It displays the collected data about your data centres in a single pane of glass, below is a picture of the OMS Portal workspace:

Operational Insights and Solutions

The OMS Portal comprises of Solutions. Solutions add functionality to your Workspace and provide you out-of-the-box operational intelligence. The Solution collects, stores and analyses data from your servers, the end result gives you the visibility and monitoring capabilities to allow you to investigate issues, remediate incidents and improve troubleshooting of issues.

Solutions are the ‘Tiles’ in the OMS Portal, you can add and remove solutions as you please.

Microsoft are constantly adding more functionality and more solutions to OMS, keep your ears to the ground for updates!

My Solution of choice…Capacity Planning

Of course, this post will not be complete without a section on a Solution. I have decided to write about the Capacity Planning Solution, which offers visibility of your data centre resources. As well as being able to report and drill down on the resources you have, Capacity Planning uses Azure Machine Learning to predict and forecast your future consumption. This is invaluable when trying to remain proactive on your resource management.

The Light Blue on the above graph shows the predicted consumption and clicking on this will drill down further.


While only a short post, it is the first of many.

But wait, this is just the first feature of OMS! What about the other parts of OMS? such as Azure Backup and Site Recover, Azure Automation and of course the Security Compliancy? Check back for my later posts where I will cover the above and will also be releasing a video series on the Overview of OMS and its other Azure components.

If you’re interested in using OMS, then you can sign up to a free trial from Microsoft which will allow you to conduct your own testing and analysis of this great cloud solution.

I hope you found this both interesting and useful.

Gennaro Migliaccio | Cloud Management Consultant

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