Navigating Modern Management in 2023

Change is here! Are you lagging behind? 


We all know about the benefits of moving to modern management, but it’s not so clear how to actually get there. 


There’s also a lot of misinformation flying around – something our team get very passionate about!  


We decided it’s time to clear up the confusion… 


David Brook, Product Manager and James Robinson, EUC Workstream Lead, will talk through the common misconceptions, clear up the confusion, and help you get started on your modern management journey. 


This webinar will cover the tech, the strategy and change management required to implement modern management – so bring the whole team! 


They cover: 

  • Common misconceptions around what can be achieved 
  • What’s required to effectively implement modern management  
  • Stop aiming for hybrid(!) – what you should be doing instead 
  • Practical tech advice on how to get started 


James Robinson

James Robinson

EUC Workstream Lead

James Robinson is a Principal Consultant specialising in Modern Workplace and End User Compute technologies, with a focus on Modern Management and Cloud-Native endpoints. He received the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP award in June 2023.

James’ blog:
Twitter: @SkipToEndpoint

David Brook

David Brook

Product Manager

David is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to modern technology, with a passion for DevOps, Intune, and the Graph API. They have a keen eye for what makes a solution successful and are always looking for ways to improve the user experience.

David’s blog:
Twitter: @DBBrook24

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