Modern Virtual Desktop Solutions

Are you looking into adding a virtual desktop solution to your IT estate?


In the modern world of remote working and harnessing the power of the cloud it’s time for your IT estate to go beyond the physical device.


Microsoft offer two VDI solutions Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365. You can use one or both within your environment dependent on your needs.

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Azure Virtual Desktop

Windows 365

Azure Virtual Desktop

Use the power of Microsoft’s Azure platform to create either full virtual desktops or serve applications that run on the cloud.


Got multiple users in need of a virtual desktop? AVD can easily be scaled up or down on the fly so you can have as many users as you need, all sharing resources.

Windows 365

Do you want a virtual desktop that’s simple to setup and is an easy experience for the end user? Windows 365 is the option for you.


Setup a Cloud PC in minutes that is managed exactly the same as any other device within Intune.


For the end user, an experience that’s the same as a physical device running Windows, no matter what device they’re using.

Ready to add a virtual desktop solution to your environment?

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