Simplify your IT estate with modern management

If you’ve been running an IT department for a while years of tech debt will have accrued while devices are being managed on-premises.


Bloat over the years will have no doubt created lots of manual work that’s taking up your team’s time.


It’s time to modernise your approach to device management.


Free yourself from the shackles of on-premises management by managing your devices from the cloud.

Is outdated management causing you problems?

IT estates that are managed on premises often cause frustrating problems for IT teams and their users.

Repetitive work taking up your team’s time?

Without automation IT teams often spend too much time on administrative work, taking away from more important tasks that drive positive business performance.

Are years of tech debt slowing you down?

Over the years an accumulation of different tech that’s here, there, and everywhere will make your team slower and unable to make changes quickly.

Are your on-premises servers secure?

On-prem servers that have been sat there for a long time could be a vulnerable attack vector. Are you sure you’re fully protected?

Say goodbye to laborious tasks

Are you and your tired of spending too much time doing boring, repetitive tasks? Do these tasks take away time that could be better spent on more important projects?


Adopting modern management will allow you to automate many of the manual tasks that come with on premises management.


Not only will you be able to get time back, there’s also a lower chance of human error causing problems.

Create an agile IT estate

Over many years of on-premise management IT estates pick up a lot of tech debt, this creates a large bulky estate, full of inefficiencies that’s hard to manage.


Transitioning over to our modern management framework will allow you to start fresh, bringing over only what you need. Doing this will allow you to create a much leaner estate that’s a breeze to manage.

Remove common attack vectors

On-premises networks are often the target of cyber criminals due to them commonly having security holes within them.


Modern managed devices are all cloud native, meaning you’re no longer reliant on on-premises networks. You can then remove your on-premises network and get rid of that risky attack vector.


This also allows you to manage your corporate devices from anywhere.

Simplify device provisioning

Modern management makes provisioning new devices easier than ever.


Using Windows Autopilot you can build each device, exactly the same, with ease. Not only does this save you time, it also creates consistency between devices, making management simpler.


Allow users to self service applications, allowing them to get on with their job and not bother your department with unnecessary tickets.


Work from anywhere

With many people now working from places other than the office, it makes sense that your IT infrastructure shouldn’t be tied to a single location either.


Cloud native devices allow users to all the corporate resources and applications they need in a secure manner, without the need to have this hosted on an on-prem server.


This means that no matter where users are located, they can get on with their work without any interruption.

It’s time to modernise your device management

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