Modern Management in the Public Sector

Keep your business secure, up-to-date and productive with PowerON Pulse.

PowerON Pulse is the modern way to manage devices directly from the cloud, using Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Microsoft Azure Active Directory. It enables organisations to deploy, migrate and manage Windows 10 with no on-premises infrastructure.

Discover how PowerON Pulse can benefit your business below…

At a glance

NCSC compliant

Support remote workers

Integrates with your existing team

Trial subscription available

Managed updates and patching


National Cyber Security Standards

Leverage inbuilt National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) policy templates from the UK National Audit Office. Accelerate hardened Windows 10 Image build with Pulse and ensure these policies are applied consistently to devices everywhere.


Confident Compliance and Regulation

Enforcing and reporting on compliance and regulation policies is a challenge with a mobile workforce. Traditional methods such as Active Directory (AD) Group Policy can cause challenges with reliance on end-user initiated VPNs for remote workers. Pulse eliminates risk with IT policy enforcement strategy.


Zero Server Infrastructure

Satellite offices and sites normally require local servers and distribution points to support device management needs. Pulse is an option for public sector bodies with multiple sites and remote workers as there is no on-premises server infrastructure needed.


Better Support Remote Users

Enhance the ability to remotely deploy software, security patches, apply policies and device reporting for remote devices. Pulse also has the capability to provide IT with remote administration tools support if required.


Easy Windows 10 Deployment

Support various scenarios either upgrading from Windows 7 or existing devices. Supports wipe & reload, bare metal (iPxe) and in-place upgrade deployment scenarios.


Secure and Updated Windows 10

Use enhanced and granular capabilities of Pulse to control Windows security updates, ensuring they are applied across the organisation in a timed and phased approach that minimises risk.


Speed to Value

Pulse is a cloud service, so no infrastructure build is required. IT staff will not require specialised skills to manage the environment and routine administration tasks are built into the Pulse service. Simply on-board by connecting to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant to Pulse and be ready to start deploying Pulse agents and managing devices.


Manage Multiple Sites Easily

Pulse can easily scale to support remote working. Whether staff are in a small branch office or working remotely, have confidence in ensuring devices are patched, managed and up to date.


Bandwidth Optimisation

Pulse streamlines and minimises data transfer by using branch and peer cache technology, negating the need for on-premises distribution points. PowerON have multiple options to support operating system deployments on small sites such as USB build keys.

How it works