Modern Management in Healthcare

Keep your organisation secure, up-to-date and productive with PowerON Pulse.

PowerON Pulse is the modern way to manage devices directly from the cloud, using Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Microsoft Azure Active Directory. It enables organisations to deploy, migrate and manage Windows 10 with no on-premises infrastructure.

Discover how PowerON Pulse can benefit your organisation below…

At a glance

NCSC compliant

Support remote workers

Manage devices across domains and workgroups

Trial subscription available

Managed updates and patching


Secure Image for Healthcare

Leverage PowerON’s extensive experience in the healthcare industry with in-built National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), policy templates and Windows 10 image files to accelerate image compliance needs.


Bandwidth Aware Technology

Pulse devices on the same sub-net share content using BranchCache technology. This minimises data transfer and the need for on-premises distribution points. Pulse can also manage devices across different domains and workgroups – a specific benefit to managing different GP surgery devices on different domains. Say goodbye to complex Active Directory (AD) work just to get Endpoint Manager to talk.


Easily Deploy Windows 10

Support various scenarios either upgrading from Windows 7 or existing OEM Windows 10 devices. Supports wipe & reload, bare metal (iPXE) and in-place upgrade deployment scenarios.


Patch Even When Mobile

Healthcare desktops can be a complex environment to maintain, from acute applications to social and community care. Use granular cloud capabilities of Pulse to deploy, control & report on Windows security updates, ensuring they are applied even for the mobile workforce without reliance on end user VPN connectivity.


Increased Remote Worker Productivity

Enhance productivity of remote workers in community care, midwifery or even ambulance services. Pulse enables remote software deployment, security patches, apply policies and enhanced reporting to the mobile workforce.


Pilot with Minimal Risk

Healthcare environments typically have very important devices. Quickly build, test and pilot Windows images with applications & receive user feedback fast without impacting live environments. Test deployment scenarios and feed into migration planning with minimal risk and downtime.


Deploy Health Apps with Confidence

Leverage PowerON’s experience with existing healthcare providers to understand if apps are compatible in Windows 10 environments. PowerON can provide the tools to test, package and manage health applications in Windows 10 with ease.


Seamless Feature Update

Leverage Pulse enterprise capabilities to test, plan and deploy Windows 10 feature updates across organisations. Use Microsoft servicing rings to support a thorough device and application testing process prior to feature update releases.


Reduced Maintenance

Free up IT time and say goodbye to daily, weekly and monthly maintenance routines like SQL optimisation, log management and monthly updates. IT can focus on ensuring Healthcare workers have the freedom to work from anywhere and use the apps they need whilst maintaining high levels of security and compliance.

How it works