Modern Management Framework

Modern management describes the strategy organisations are adopting to manage their devices, users and apps, utilising a cloud-based approach.


This way of working automates lot of the process and management that goes into keeping your users and devices secure and running smoothly – meaning your business is exposed to far less risk, users can work productively without interruption from anywhere, and your IT team can focus on higher-value projects that aid business strategy.

"Modern management isn't just a concept or a goal to hit – it’s an approach that will help you achieve strategic goals across the entire business, future proofing your IT processes so you can remain agile and focused."

Modernising your Enterprise IT management across end user devices can help you:


  • Reduce the effort and time it takes your team to get devices to all your users.
  • Have confidence that your devices are secure and up to date.
  • Have confidence that your devices are configured to an enterprise security standard
  • Have the data and reporting you need to adhere to internal and external regulatory requirements.
  • Provide staff with access to applications via a self-service company store
  • Simplify the management and distribution of content across your estate whilst reducing the resource needs on your team and network bandwidth.


We use a logical, tried and tested approach built on expert knowledge and a proven track record to help businesses achieve the above goals. We’ll partner with you to deliver the capabilities your business needs with extended options that include managed services and ad-hoc support.

Key features

Reduce time and effort

Increase productivity

Futureproof your organisation

Simplify infrastructure & overheads

Robust security and compliance

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What's involved?

Our staged framework allows us to map out the steps needed to push your organisation towards modern endpoint management, whilst tailoring the process to your unique business needs and goals. 

The framework can be implemented at any stage, for as many stages as needed – so if you simply need help getting started on the right path, we can partner with you on the solution alignment.
If you’re already on your way but need help bringing the project back on track, you can engage with us at later stages in the framework.
And if you want us on board for the entire journey? Then that’s what we’ll do – our framework can be tailored to your specific scenario and needs, so you get exactly what you want.
Take a look at a high-level overview of our modern management framework:
Modern Management adoption framework

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We've made our more detailed internal version of this framework available to guide organisations looking to adopt modern management.


Need more guidance? Our complementary interactive workshop can help you understand how to adopt modern management using existing M365 tools and licensing.


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Build your modern management framework today

Discover how our modern management framework can be tailored to your organisation.