Mobile Device Custom Notifications in Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Sometimes features go unnoticed or unused – we either forget about them, or don’t think about the potential uses they have! 

That’s why we love it when someone points out a forgotten function or feature – this time Microsoft MVP Peter has written a short yet detailed guide on sending custom notifications to mobile devices in Microsoft Endpoint Manager – and as he quite rightly points out, there’s lots of use cases for this feature.

Check out his blog below:

Here’s a feature that I feel has fallen slightly under the radar hence I thought I would write about it. The ability to send custom notifications to mobile devices is really cool and has a lot of use cases as I’m sure you can imagine. To be clear, when we refer to custom notifications we are talking about a push notification to an iOS or Android device that is enrolled to Microsoft Intune. This appears in much in the same way as many other mobile apps that you may be used to however does have a dependency on the Company Portal or Intune Portal application being on the device as this is what triggers the notification.

There are two ways in which we can do this…Read more

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20 Feb 2020

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