Migrating to Windows 10

Recent data suggests up to a third of public sector devices are running on Windows 7, making use of Microsoft's support extension.


Whilst IT teams within the NHS and local government were planning to migrate well before January 2021, lockdown and remote working has put a stop to most projects. 


With the deadline looming, there's an opportunity to make up for lost time - your Windows 10 migration can be carried out remotely, efficiently and within six months.


We have extensive experience with Windows 10 migrations across the NHS and public sector organisations, and have a unique insight into the requirements and complexities involved.


If you'd like to know more on how PowerON can help you 'get across the line' in time for January 2021, get in touch and we'll answer any questions you have.

Windows as a Service

Windows 10

Modern Management in the NHS

Migration journey

  • Assess

    We provide detailed and tailored insights into your current Windows estate, including, image build, device health, update compliance and upgrade readiness. Ensuring all information is available to effectively plan your migration (and management) to Windows 10.

  • Migrate

    Our Windows 10 Management and Migration is designed to be as prescriptive as the customer needs it to be. This can be simple as resource support through to full methodology, accelerated delivery and technical assurance across the project.

  • Manage

    The transition to Windows as a Service demands a fundamental change in operational management. We can support your teams readiness around this, or review our Desktop SmarT Teaming service, which ensures systems are effectively patched, secured and managed.

Need help migrating to Windows 10?

We can get your organisation migrated over to Windows 10, on time, remotely.

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IT is an ever-evolving landscape and technology is developing at a very rapid pace, which drives change in all organisations. This is an important factor to consider when looking at security - new exploits, hacks and backdoors are discovered dailyUsing the latest operating system provides significantly better protection, and coupling that with frequent update and patch management provides even greater protection. Windows 10 provides the opportunity for organisations to run the latest operating system from Microsoft to protect against such threats.


The nature of Windows 10 means it will be ever-evolving, introducing new features twice a year. These incremental updates will benefit users and IT administrators who don’t have to worry about big desktop and operating system roll outs every 4-5 years. 


Integration with cloud-based technologies provides Windows 10 users a simplified interface to accessing web and online data. Adding to this, integration with a familiar desktop experience and application compatibility with older apps provides users a seamless and intuitive interface which will reduce training requirements and drive quicker adoption across the business. 

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