Migrating to Windows 10, Remotely

Is your organisation still running Windows 7? 

It’s safe to say any plans to migrate to Windows 10 have been severely hindered by lockdown, and the rush to deploy secure remote working solutions.

Now the dust has settled and support has ended, there’s a new hurdle to jump – migrating to Windows 10 whilst working remotely.

This webinar explains how you can get your organisation migrated over to Windows 10 on time, remotely. We run through how it can be achieved and what you need to do next to make up for lost time.

Steve Beaumont, Chief Technical Officer and Philip Mercer, MD and Cloud Specialist, will cover:

  • How you can get your organisation ‘across the line’ in time for January 2021
  • How you can utilise technologies in the M365 contract to solve migration and remote working challenges
  • Best practice and practical advice
  • Future proof your organisation post-migration with a modern management strategy

Catch up on the webinar below!

Need advice? Send your questions to info@poweronplatforms.com and we’ll get back to you.

PowerON Team

PowerON Team

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