Introducing… DPC with Intune!

We’ve come a long way since releasing AOVPN Dynamic Profile Configurator (DPC) over a year ago – including lovely reviews and support from Richard Hicks and the recent V3 release! But we’re not stopping there; there’s a lot on the horizon for DPC! 

DPC started out as a way to mimic the Intune GUI for AOVPN but managed using Group Policy – however DPC has evolved to be much more than just a GUI. We found that having an agent on client devices enabled us to solve problems not possible using the Microsoft provided WMI-CSP bridge tooling. This enabled us to provide added benefits to customers and simplify AOVPN deployments in complex (and common) scenarios such as managing IKEv2 and SSTP, Modifying Route Metrics and enabling automated support for Office 365 exclusion routes.  

Introducing DPC + Intune

While DPC has always technically supported being deployed via Intune, management of the registry settings was a cumbersome process which often negated the advantages that DPC would typically have.  

All this changes with the announcement from Microsoft of custom ADMX support in Intune! 

AOVPN Dynamic Profile Configurator tunnel settings

With the new custom ADMX support in Intune its now possible to deploy, manage and update configuration for DPC natively within the Intune portal. This enables customers to move to a Cloudfirst management model (if they wish to) without losing some of the benefits of DPC. This can significantly improve AOVPN reliability while minimising management complexity, as settings that customers often use proactive remediations for are now built into the product.  

Interested in AOVPN DPC?

To read more about the solution, plus demos and videos, click here. 

If you’d like to hear more about how DPC can help your business or get a free trial, contact us here. 

Want to find out more about AOVPN DPC?

Watch our AOVPN DPC webinar

In this webinar Leo was joined by enterprise mobility expert Richard Hicks for an overview of DPC, it's features and a Q&A.

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