What Women Love About Working in Tech

With International Women’s Day coming up this weekend, we thought it was a fantastic opportunity to provide a little insight into what it’s like to work in technology and the different roles available – hopefully inspiring more women to join the industry! 


We asked the ladies on our team what they love about working at PowerON, and what made them choose a career in technology…  

“I’ve always found technology interesting and I took computer science and IT at school – so I wanted to get into the tech industry at a young age. In my role there is always something new to learn as IT is always changing, meaning I am always learning and expanding my knowledge; that is something I like about the industry.” 

“I love that it is very varied in my role and fast-paced – you never seem to be doing the same task for very long and you never get bored! I also really like building relationships with customers, which makes it really easy to pick the phone up and have a constructive conversation if any unexpected challenges arise. And obviously I love working with the rest of the Engagement Management team!” 

"Personally, I love the tech industry because I come from an IT training background, and I get geekily excited about learning new tools and concepts and understanding what they can do for businesses. I love that our values promote an equal playing field for everyone – it’s not a case of deferring to the most senior person in the room, but instead listening to everyone’s opinion so we can find the best solution. Anyone can get their voice heard, whether they’re an apprentice just starting their career or a member of the senior management team."

“In my role I get to use data and technology to carry out investigations – I love creating spreadsheets to manage our finances and identify areas we could be more efficient, or using data to discover issues and opportunities. I’m a total data geek! Working at a tech-focused business like PowerON has given me the confidence to use my skills to help colleagues throughout the whole of the business.” 

“I previously came from a business intelligence and CRM background, which was a good grounding in using tech to improve business process. I also love data and using it to improve on processes and services – in my role I’ve learnt how to configure systems to provide us with data that can drive efficiency in the team or allow us to learn lessons to reduce inefficiencies.  I love learning about new technologies and discovering how business challenges can be solved with smart use of technologies. Interestingly my knowledge of the tech also gives me the ability to see when solutions don’t lie in technology – it can be more efficient to change something else, for example, implementing a new people process rather than implementing a technical solution.” 

The IT industry has come a long way in recent years, and the shift in culture and embracing of roles for women is a credit. Encouraging young people and girls to pursue work in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) fields and encouraging businesses to work towards inclusive workplaces and processes should remain front and centre in the industry.


We hope that more women speak up about the fantastic roles and opportunities available in STEM industries so we can inspire future generations to come!

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