How to Upgrade to ConfigMgr 1606

How to Upgrade to ConfigMgr 1606

Another exciting release if you are into Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) the second upgrade is now out.  We have already had 1602 and now we have 1606. If you’re already using Configuration Manager 1511 and above you will hopefully be aware of the new update and servicing model.  The 1606 upgrade is an in-place upgrade using the update and servicing model within the console.  This post is going to show you how you can take your ConfigMgr 1511/1602 hierarchy and perform your ConfigMgr SCCM 1606 Upgrade.

Note:  You will have to be at a minimum of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 1511 to be able to perform the 1606 upgrade. It is not a support upgrade path from ConfigMgr 2007 or 2012.

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01 Apr 2018

New Features:

This is the most exciting time in a long while to be in the ConfigMgr space because we are getting new features rolled into our consoles on a more rapid release cycle than ever.  With 1602, we saw a lot of new features. (1602 features) it is worth noting ConfigMgr 1606 this has the 1602 features and KB’s within it.  So if you’re  upgrading to 1606  from 1511 you will not have to upgrade to 1602 first.  Below is a few of the top new features:

  • Windows Information Protection (formerly EDP) features allow you to create and deploy information protection policy, including the ability to choose your protected apps and define your EDP-protection level.
  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection features enable the ability to onboard and off-board Windows 10 clients to the cloud service and view agent health in the monitoring dashboard (requires a Windows Defender ATP tenant in Azure).
  • Windows Store for Business Integration allows you to manage and deploy applications purchased through the Windows Store for Business portal for both online and offline licensed apps
  • Software Update Point Switching You can now enable the option for Configuration Manager clients to switch to a new software update point when there are issues with the active software update point. Once enabled, the clients will look for another software update point at the next scan

This link will give you a full list of features 1606 new Features, Click Here

Upgrading to 1606

The ConfigMgr 1606 upgrade is being rolled out over the next few weeks, however, you may find that you will not get 1606 in your Console right now.  First, try to check for the update:

  1. Within the ConfigMgr Console navigate to Administration > Updates and servicing
  2. Right click Updates and Servicing, click Check for updates1606 Upgrade
  3. This will now check for any upgrade available for your environment you can monitor the progress from the DMPDownloader.log

If you find that your ConfigMgr environment is not yet receiving the upgrade it’s possible to force ConfigMgr 1606 upgrade into your environment with this PowerShell Script. After running the PowerShell Script you will be able to see the update synchronize into your ConfigMgr Updates and Servicing node.

Note: If you have a multi-tier hierarchy, start at the top-level site in the hierarchy, meaning start with your Central Administration Site and then move on to your Primary Sites. After the top-level site upgrades, you can begin the upgrade of each child site. The ConfigMgr Hierarch will still be able to function with mixed versions of ConfigMgr Current Branch while you upgrade one by one your sites.

PowerShell to retrieve 1606 upgrade

Note: This section is not relvant anymore, 1606 is now avaible with Updates and Servicing for everyone.  If you cant see the upgrade check for updates against the Updates and Servicing node

Once you have decided you can’t wait for the new features you will need the PowerShell Script and to follow the instructions on the Technet Gallery page.  However, if you would prefer not to go to another web page this is how to do it:

  1. Launch an elevated PowerShell Console
  2. Run the EnableUpdateRing.ps1 script
    • EnableUpdateRing.ps1 <SiteServer_Name | SiteServer_IP> SiteServer refers to the CAS or the standalone primary site

    1606 Upgrade Powershell Fast Ring

  3. Force a check for the update.
    • If you are upgrading from version 1602 go to AdministrationOverviewCloud ServicesUpdates and Servicing and click Check for Updates.  You may need to try Check for Updates more than once if the package is not downloaded on the first try. If you are upgrading from version 1511, restart the SMS_Executive.
  4. The new 1606 Upgrade should now be available in the Configuration Manager Console.

1606 Upgrade Servicing

You are able to follow along with the process of downloading Configuration Manager 1606 from the DMPDownloader.log

For example when you check the updates you will see that the download gets picked up and starts:

1606 Upgrade - DPMDownloader.log

Then at the end you will see the download for Configuration Manager 1606 has been completed:

1606 Upgrade - DPMDownloader.log

The upgrade content will be stored within \SITESERVER EasySetupPayload

1606 Upgrade - Easy Setup Payload

Note: There was a script update on the 27/07/2016 to address the following issues: “Non-standard parameterset” and Get-WMIObject:Unexpected error”

  • Known 1606 upgrade issue: After running the prerequisite check for the 1602 update on a site that runs version 1511 and passing without warnings, update 1606 fails to install. You may review the details of the issue  here.  The script will exclude sites meeting the conditions for this known issue from being in the first wave.
  • The script is now signed and bundled inside a signed self-extracting executable.  Please extract before following the instructions below.

Upgrading to 1606

Now that ConfigMgr 1606 is showing in the console you are almost ready to get started upgrading.  As a word of advice, I recommend you go through the pre-upgrade checklist on Technet. Upgrade checklist link

Note: Backup your Configuration Manager Site before upgrading 

This post is going to show how to upgrade a single primary site from 1602 to 1606.

Note: For this section, the Configuration Manager 1606 upgrade has to be downloaded and the state is Available to continue the guide. If your ConfigMgr 1606 update state is not Available please follow the steps above.

ConfigMgr 1606 prerequisite check

Before running the upgrade it’s recommended to run the Configuration Manager 1606 prerequisite check:

  • From the ConfigMgr Console, Go to Administration > Cloud Services > Updates and Servicing
  • Right-click the Configuration Manager 1606 update and click Run prerequisite check

1606 Upgrade - Check

  • Once clicked this will change the state to Checking prerequisites, you will not be able to interact with the update till the check is complete

1606 Upgrade - Checking

  • To monitor the progress and success you can read the following logs CMUpdate.log and C:ConfigMgrPrereq.log. If successful the C:ConfigMgrPrereq.log file will show the following “Prerequisite checking is completed”.

1606 Upgrade - ConfigMgrPrereq.log

  • Alternatively, from Monitoring > Site Servicing Status, you can also monitor the progress and completion of the prerequisites test.  You will see Configuration Manager 1606, right click and select View Status

1606 Upgrade - Status

  • You will now see under Administration > Cloud Services > Updates and Servicing the Configuration Manager 1606 update status says Prerequisite check passed

1606 Upgrade - Passed

Install ConfigMgr 1606 Update Pack

Now the prerequisite check has passed it is time to install the Configuration Manager 1606 update

  • From the ConfigMgr Console, Go to Administration > Cloud Services > Updates and Servicing
  • Right-click the Configuration Manager 1606 update and click Install Update Pack

1606 Upgrade - Install Update Pack

  • On the General tab, select Next

1606 Upgrade - Wizard

  • On the Features tab, select the features you want to enable and then click Next

Note: If you do not enable some features now in the future you are able to enable them from Administration > Cloud Services > Updates and Servicing > Features

1606 Upgrade - Features

  • On the Client Update Options tab, you have a couple options:
    • Upgrade without Validation: Overwrites you current Configuration Manager Client package with the new client update
    • Validate in pre-production Collection: Validate the client update on members of the pre-production collection before choosing to overwrite the client package (to learn more Click Here)
  • For this post, Upgrade without validation is chosen, once you have decided, Click Next

1606 Upgrade - Client Options

  • on the Licensing Terms tab, Accept the license terms and then click Next

1606 Upgrade - License

  • On the Summary tab, review and  then click Next

1606 Upgrade - Summary

  • on the Completion tab, Click Close,  just like in the prerequisites checks we can now monitor the upgrade via log files or the monitoring node
    • If you want to review the log on the details of what is happening throughout this upgrade open the CMUpdate.log
    • Monitoring > Site Servicing Status > Configuration Manager 1606

Post Installation of ConfigMgr 1606 Upgrade

Console Upgrades

If you are currently on 1602 you will be familiar with the vast improvements to upgrading the Console, within 1602 if you are are running a 1511 console when you load this console it will prompt you to upgrade and do this automatically.  This is the same process for ConfigMgr 1606.

  • When you load up the old console it will prompt you to upgrade, click OK

1606 Upgrade - Console Update

  • The console will now automatically be downloaded and installed

1606 Upgrade - Console Install

  • You can verify the console install by going to File (top left Blue Box) > About Configuration Manager
  • It will now show Configuration Manager 1606 and console version 5.0.8412.1003

1606 Upgrade - About

  • To Verify the Primary/CAS Site go to Administration > Site Configuration > Sites, right-click and select Properties
  • From here verify the Version (5.008412.1000) and Build Number (8412)

1606 Upgrade - Properties

Client Upgrade

I recommend for upgrading the clients to look at the automatic client upgrade feature.

  • Open the ConfigMgr 1606 Console
  • Go to Administration > Site Configuration > Sites
  • On the top ribbon under home select Hierarchy settings, from the Hierarchy Setting Properties window, select Client Upgrade
  • Enable Upgrade all clients in the hierarchy using production client, then choose the time period for Automatically upgrades the clients within days
  • Click, Close

1606 Upgrade - Hierarchy Settings

  • You will now see your clients upgrade to the latest version: 5.00.8412.1006

1606 Upgrade - Site Properties

  • There are also a few other packages that get upgraded throughout the process that you will want to check have upgraded and the content is distributed properly:
    • Configuration Manager Client Package
    • Configuration Manager Client Piloting Package

1606 Upgrade - Client Packages

    • Boot Images x86/x64
1606 Upgrade - Boot Images

Turn on Pre-release Features

Now you have upgraded to Configuration Manager 1606 you will have access to new features.  Some of these features will actually be within prerelease, by default your site will now allow you to use pre-release features.  However, if you do want to try these out you can enable them by doing the following:

    • Open the ConfigMgr 1606 Console
    • Go to Administration > Site Configuration > Sites
    • On the top ribbon under home select Hierarchy settings, from the Hierarchy Setting Properties window, select General
    • Enable Consent to use Pre-Release features

Note: If you choose to enable this it can’t be undone it’s a permanent choice

1606 Upgrade - Pre-Release

  • Once, you have given consent for pre-release features you can go enable them within the console
  • Go to Administration > Cloud Services > Updates and Servicing > Features
  • You can now enable the Pre-release features as shown below

1606 Upgrade - Pre-release features
That is all for now, good luck updating to Configuration Manager 1606.  If you have any questions please let me know.
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