Getting the Most From Your IT Solution Investment

At PowerON we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best service possible and ensuring our customers get the most value from their IT investments.

Since inception, PowerON works alongside its customers to ensure they not only have the right technology in place but also support, even once the project is complete. You are probably thinking well yes… that makes sense… surely that’s just expected customer service? Not at PowerON – we understand customers want more!

So how can you get the best value from your IT solution?

You’ve spent the time finding the right partner, identifying the right technology for your business and mapping how to leverage the technology you have available. However, once a project is complete the work doesn’t stop there. Continual development, ongoing management and knowledge is required to ensure you get the optimum value and performance from your IT systems. Do you have the skill set in house to manage and overcome these? Do you have the resource and time to manage and troubleshoot? For many this is where continual development and ease of management can fall down.

By working closely with a Support and Consultancy Partner you get the benefits of an extended team capable of problem resolution, remote knowledge transfer, enhanced support and additional proactive services. This ensures you receive superior knowledge of your technology, the reassurance you have solution specialists on hand to guide through resolutions and additional resource should you require focused activity. This enables you to continually get the most from your systems and ensure successful IT longevity.

PowerON’s Enablement Support

At PowerON our enablement support subscription provides customers with just this. Based on a pre-purchased allocation of support units, which are then consumed over a 12-month period, allowing customers to benefit from a combination of reactive support desk and consultative solutions, to ensure the highest value from your solution investments. Consisting of 4 elements customers can benefit from:

  • Problem Resolution –The provision of a technical support desk providing reassurance that if your management solutions suffer technical issues then you will be able to get support from PowerON’s support team and field consultants to assist in resolving these issues.
  • Remote Knowledge Transfer – The ability to arrange for remote learning development when you are looking to enhance your knowledge of current features or get up to speed with new capabilities.
  • Remote Enhancement Support – For when you are looking to implement a new feature, customise a form, create new task sequences.
  • Proactive Services – Should you require consulting resources to come to you then you can utilise your support time under this subscription to undertake focused activities with your teams.
To learn more about which technology PowerON can help you cover and further information about our Enablement Support Subscription contact us at or give our team a call on 0800 302 92 80.
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