Esri UK – Building Partnerships

Esri UK first approached PowerON back in 2016, to aid and support with their System Center Service Manager (SCSM) and Orchestrator (SCORCH) environments, and, how to configure and deploy the Starters, Leavers, and Movers (SLAM) process using the platforms. One of the primary goals was to reduce the amount of time spent on manual tasks and create a standardised and consistent service when processing SLAM requests. Through a support model of consultancy and professional services, PowerON engaged the project by leveraging our experience and knowledge of automation and cloud services to configure and maintain the many moving parts of the SLAM process with Esri UK, making sure to incorporate an element of guidance and knowledge transfer to the Esri UK team, to ensure internal skills were developed to successfully manage and maintain the process moving forward.  

How did we help?

In 2021, PowerON supported with a proof-of-concept migration of the Orchestrator tool for the Local Administration Password Solution (LAPS) to Azure Automation, which then quickly progressed into a business decision to further leverage the benefits of Azure and apply a cloud-centric approach to the SLAM process and other automation deemed appropriate.  

Since then, PowerON and Esri UK have worked together on a number of projects using Azure Automation and Logic Apps including the automation of new and existing processes such as: 

  • Dynamics 365 Integration with several third-party systems 
  • Replacement and enhancement of Integration with Web APIs 
  • Leavers, Movers and Stater enhancements and implementations 
  • Azure Integration and SQL Data manipulation between different systems 


Fast forward to the present day, Esri UK and PowerON have developed a trusted partnership over the continued years of collaborating with one another in the automation, security, and cloud-first space.  

Esri UK are well on their way of modernizing the majority of their existing automated processes and transitioning them to the Azure Cloud Automation technologies that provide a highly versatile, cost effective, reliable and flexible platform for them. PowerON have become an extension of the Esri UK IT team, providing strategy, support and guidance when needed. 

‘I have worked with Esri UK for several years now on various projects alongside many members of their team and it has been a pleasure. I always look forward to working with them to solve the next solution they require. Together we have implemented several solutions that have allowed Esri UK to be able to integrate systems previously unconnected; simplified, enhanced, and reduced the cost of existing automations and introduced new automation processes that save the Service Desk time and effort whilst producing a standardised procedure.’

Who is Esri UK?

Founded in 1969, Esri is a market global leader in GIS (Geographic Information Systems). With a business goal to help solve some of the world’s most difficult problems, they support their users important work with a commitment to Science, Sustainability, Community, Education, Research, and Positive Change. Through their flagship solution, ArcGIS, software, and Apps combine mapping and data analytics to deliver location intelligence and meet digital transformation needs for organisations of all sizes. Today, Esri software is deployed to more than 350,000 organisations, and the business commits 25% of annual turnover back into R&D, to ensure they are at the forefront of advancing and shaping the future of GIS.  

‘As the Account Manager for Esri UK here at PowerON, it has always been a pleasure working with the various members of the Esri UK IT teams. There has been an understanding between both parties that we both want high-performing solutions that deliver real tangible business benefits, in this case saving time and increasing cost-efficiency through automation. The Esri UK team have always shown a desire to work collaboratively, and the partnership has gone from strength to strength.’

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