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Discover how we helped Eisai support remote workers and implement zero-touch device deployment across their European arm. 

Founded in 2002 following the expansion of its parent company Eisai, Eisai Europe are a globally leading research-based pharmaceutical company working in the neurology and therapeutic space. Eisai’s work prioritises patients and their families through a focus to continually improve the benefits that healthcare can provide. They are committed to accelerating future development and becoming a front runner in these vital therapy areas.

Having previously worked together in 2018 on SCCM configuration and upgrades, Eisai approached us in late 2021 for support with replacing their traditional method of deploying Windows 10, and transition towards Modern Device Management leveraging their existing investments in Intune.

A key element of the MDM approach that the Eisai team wanted to utilise was the Autopilot tooling, to strengthen the desire for zero-touch device provisioning to the numerous employees working remotely across Europe.

What we did

PowerON were able to quickly respond to the Eisai team’s requirement, having years of consultancy experience in the Microsoft Modern Management space, and it became apparent that Eisai could benefit from using the PowerON Windows 10 Intune Package to greatly speed-up deployment times.

Work began with a series of design workshops, whereby the PowerON consultant worked alongside the Eisai IT team to define and capture the technical specifications for the Windows 10 Configuration, Autopilot, and PKI environment. Following the Design phase, the teams worked side by side to build and configure the environment based on the information captured during design. PowerON performed functional testing against the core components of the build, to ensure the new system was functionally operating.

“We have worked with PowerON for several years with assistance on our SCCM infrastructure and they are our preferred partner for everything within this arena. We have gone through several upgrades over the years and the knowledge transfer sessions have enabled my team to now do this themselves.

More recently we implemented CMG with PowerON, and this year was Autopilot a start on journey into Intune and modern endpoint management.”


As with most PowerON engagements, an important element for us was to ensure that guidance, best-practice, and knowledge were being transferred to the Eisai team at all times.

To support this, we created a series of SOPs (Supporting Operational Documentation) to capture and document baseline configuration settings and to act as a guide to empower the Eisai team moving forward. Eisai also leveraged our Enablement Support subscription, that allows for flexible ad-hoc access to PowerON consultancy resources for the following 12 months to ensure the new solution and process is continually supported and successful in achieving the desired business goals.

‘As the Account Manager for Eisai here at PowerON, it has always been a pleasure working with the various members of the Eisai IT teams. Paul and Craig explained their desire to proactively approach device provisioning within the Modern Management mindset and had the desire to be a regional trailblazer for Eisai globally.

There has been an understanding between both parties that we both want high-performing solutions that deliver real tangible business benefits, in this case increasing efficiency and improving flexible remote working. The Eisai team have always shown a desire to work collaboratively, and the partnership has gone from strength to strength.’

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