Disaster Recovery: Is Immutable Right for Your Business?

You’re likely under pressure to protect your organisation from cyber-attacks and data loss. We bet you’re also hearing a lot about immutable storage, and how it can save the day!



But is immutable really all it’s cracked up to be?


What are the cost considerations, and are there cheaper alternatives? (Spoiler: yes!)



We asked Data Protection Expert Kevin Green to give us his honest opinion on immutable storage for the public sector.


Watch this 30-minute session to get a clear understanding of whether immutable storage is a good investment for your organisation.



Key takeaways:

  • An honest look at Immutable Storage (there are other options!)
  • Should we believe the hype? Risks and opportunities
  • Does immutable make sense for your organisation?
  • Implementation times, costs and recovery speed – the reality.
  • Use cases and case studies

Download the session below!

Download the session below!

James Dennis

James Dennis

Head of Sales at PowerON.

Joining PowerON from Microsoft with over 11 years in the IT industry, James is focused on simplifying and enhancing IT operations and end-user experience through modern IT management and security solutions.

Kevin Green

Kevin Green

Backup and DR Specialist

An industry veteran (with more years than he would like to say under his belt!) supporting customers in the infrastructure and recovery arena. Global Knowledge Lead and Professional Services delivery for a major backup vendor.

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