Protecting Your Data in 2022

Do you know how secure your data backup solution is?

And would you know if someone had breached your defences?

Let’s face it – many backup and recovery plans are viewed as an insurance policy. Rarely looked at, and rarely checked or updated once implemented.

Would you know if someone had breached your backup solution (potentially weeks before the actual attack takes place)?
Backing up your data is vital, but you also need confidence the data is usable.

Our next webinar will explain how you can keep your data secure and protect against hidden data breaches.

Date: Wednesday 27th April
Time: 11am
Hosts: Philip Mercer, CEO, and Kevin Green, Data Protection & Recovery Specialist.
Philip and Kevin will cover common problems and how they’re impacting organisations. They’ll explain how to understand whether your data is clean within backup solutions and how to protect your backups from breach.

They’ll cover:

  • Key elements commonly missing from existing backup and strategies
  • How to ensure your data is genuinely secure and usable in the event of a breach
  • Actionable advice for designing a secure backup strategy
  • Walk through of a template organisations can take away to build a secure backup strategy
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PowerON Team

PowerON Team

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